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The Thirty Years War Society

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Historical Links

Bilder von Callot Gedicht Andreas Gryphius (Pictures by Callot and Poem by Andreas Gryphius)

Museum des Dreißigjährigen Krieges

Museum of the Thirty Years War

Rare Discovery - Mass Grave from Thirty Years War

Seltenes Massengrab des Dreißigjährigen Krieges (Rare Mass Grave of the Thirty Years War)

The Early Modern Warfare Society

The Thirty Years War - Resources on the Web

Thirty Years' War - an interactive web resource for historians and gamers

Unusual Discovery Near Berlin - Mass Grave Sheds Light on Europe's Bloody History

Wer war wer im Dreißigjährigen Krieg (Who's Who in the Thirty Years War)

Living History Links

Diggers and Levellers (English Civil War)

The Pike and Musket Society (English Civil War)

We are a member project of the "Living History Resource Group"